If ever there ever was a good time to be cost efficient and task effective with small to multimillion-dollar construction projects, the time might be right now!

When it comes to the hassle of designing for the construction or renovation of a property, don’t you wish you had a “one-stop” shop that offered the professional design and project management services that would guarantee the results you want? For us no project is too small and our guarantees include personalized attention and services as we connect mutually on solutions to address your priorities and needs.

AffiDesigns’ affiliate designers are committed to the use of the most pro-active design and project management systems.

They are also devoted to quality control and code compliance in commercial, industrial and residential environments.

Our services include designs for architectural, structural and plumbing requirements for Residential, Commercial and Recreational buildings.

Our affiliates have worked in the construction industry for a combined total of over 48 years in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and further afield. We believe in working closely with clients from inception, to define the results of what they want, from a construction project, so that they have the best opportunity to ensure that their work will be completed on time, with quality, and most importantly – within the approved budget!